In Tarragona, on June 16, to announce the winners of this year’s Catalunya Literària Fundació Privada awards, on the theme “The welfare society and human dissatisfaction”. Jury members included Marcel Banús, professor and graduate of Catalan philology, María Cristina Suma, professor of Italian, and Alexandra Busquets, graduate in psychology.

The jury examined a total of 24 works.

They unanimously reached the following decision:

– To grant the 2016 Humanist Essay Award to Eduard Antoja for his work “When a Dream Comes True: La insatisfacción humana y el sueño de una vida mejor”. Literary text and audiovisual format. This work will receive the full prize amount.

The members of the jury also mentioned interest in the following works, which were declared finalists:

– “La Sociedad del bienestar y la insatisfacción humana” , submitted by Joan García del Muro Solans.

– “La società del surrogato“, submitted by Stefania Lombardi. Literary text and audiovisual format.