On 19 February 2020, the jury convened in Tarragona to announce the winners of the 2019 Catalunya Literària Fundació Privada award offered in conjunction with the Etruria Foundation and the European Cultural Foundation on the theme ‘The Media after the 1978 Constitution’. The jury members were Marcel Banús, professor and graduate in Catalan philology, María Cristina Suma, professor of Italian, and Rosamon Pàmies Pla, literary consultant.

They unanimously reached the following decision:

To award the 2019 Humanist Essay Prize to Laura Roig Sor for her piece “De la libertad …¿a dónde? Cuatro décadas de periodismo en España”. She will be awarded the full prize          amount for her winning work.

The members of the jury also awarded honourable mention for the following finalist works:

  • “Mitjans i espais de comunicació al regne d’Espanya (1978-2020) Les polítiques comunicatives des de la Constitució a l’era digital” submitted by Josep Gifreu and Josep Maria Corbella.
  • “Editoria ed evoluzione democratica dei mezzi di comunicazione: il caso delle scrittrici” submitted by Sara Zellini.